Improve Sales Performance Immediately

Areas of expertise: Customized Conversations, Representative Training, Vendor Management

Our client needed to drive increased sales and lower the cost per new customer on an acquisition program that was underperforming.  Channels was not only able to increase program performance in a short window of time, but improved the overall efficiency of the team through better performance management and a revised staffing plan.

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Plot Current Customer Experience and Develop New Communications and Conversation with the Customer

Areas of expertise: Customized Conversations, Vendor Management

Our client was experiencing a large volume of calls from new customers who were confused about the products they had purchased and were unclear as to how to best take advantage of the benefits these products provided.  Channels documented a completely customer centric view of their journey, and revised several communications at key touchpoints to improve the customer's overall experience with the products, and mitigate the burden of unnecessary calls on the service teams.

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Build Success in Retention

Areas of expertise: Representative Training, Vendor Management

An insurance client was receiving a large volume of calls from customers who wanted to cancel their policies, yet their retention representatives did not have the right tools or the confidence to save them.  Channels streamlined performance goals across all service vendors, renegotiated the contracts, and delivered a training program to improve save rates at the point of cancellation.   Within three months, save rates jumped by 10%.

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