Get Excited!  Engage Sales and Service Representatives With New Product Launch

Areas of expertise: Employee Engagement, Representative Training

Our client had relaunched one of the most important products in its portfolio, but was concerned that technical issues in the service support systems and weak scripting had dampened excitement for the product relaunch among its service teams, ultimately leading to decreased sales and poor performance in the marketplace.  Channels helped revitalize the relaunch by educating and re-engaging service teams with the real customer benefits of the product, and providing the scripting, communications, and technical support representatives needed to sell the product powerfully to new customers.

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Train for Brand Experience

Areas of expertise: Customized Conversations, Employee Engagement, Representative Training

Our client had recently relaunched one of its core brands to the small business customer, and needed to create a unique brand voice for that customer among its servicing teams.  Channels created an interactive training program for all service teams who interacted with this customer to introduce each representative to the different needs the small business owner would have versus other customers and to understand how to probe and solve the service issues this customer uniquely faced in each stage of business growth.

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