Industry: Financial Services


A large financial services company had recently relaunched one of its business units under a new brand, but had not yet engaged service employees with the new strategy nor provided direction on how to engage with the target customer.  The number of service employees impacted by the relaunch exceeded 4,000 across three nations.


Introduce new brand positioning to service centers, and train global representative teams and leaders to serve this unique customer under the new brand vision.


Channels designed and implemented a training curriculum that engaged the customer service teams with the new brand strategy and educated the representatives on how to best serve the unique group of customers. We focused on establishing a few key messages at first through an internal branding event with environmental media, and then designed training sessions, games, team challenges, and communications that would build the representatives depth of knowledge of the customer and the brand over time.  The training focused on developing behavioral instincts rather than a text book understanding of customer service.  In order for the lessons of the training to continue after the full campaign had been implemented, the Channels team worked closely with team leaders and service management to make sure they had the right tools to reinforce the learning of the training and could actively engage new representatives with the message of the brand and the unique needs of the customer.


Customer satisfaction scores were moved in areas of engagement that had not moved in several years. The infrastructure of the training program was institutionalized in other parts of the business because of its unique level of engagement and success.