Industry: Financial Services


Our client had relaunched one of its core premium products with new features and benefits to drive excitement in the market place and to reinvigorate its portfolio. Originally, Channels was asked to develop and execute an effective tabling/call center communication event strategy for Acquisition and Customer Service sites.  Pre-event communications to the team leaders and teaser communication for the reps translated into high turn-out the day of the event.  Additionally, job aids and engaging leave-behinds ensured reps were reminded of the new value proproposition of this product. 


The original energy and excitement of the product launch had dampened at the customer service centers because of technical issues on the customer support systems to access information about the product.  Additionally, representatives indicated that the scripting and conversation support for the relaunch was inadequate when customers pressed the representatives for more information about the new features and benefits of the product. Our client was concerned that the negative experiences in the call centers might impact overall sales performance in the relaunch. 

Goal:  Design and execute a communications program which addresses the challenges and frustrations of the representatives, and rebuilds positive energy for the improved product.


Channels immediately created job aids to address the pain points of the script deficiency.  Additionally, Channels launched a unique tabling event to thank the customer service professionals for their hard work.  Representatives could pick up collaterals and FAQs and they entered a raffle to win various prizes.  Channels also organized team huddles and focus groups to gather more information and improve overall team communication which greatly enhanced the morale of the customer service team.  Then that feedback was provided to the marketing team so that they could more efficiently support the needs of the representatives.


Acquisition exceeded forecast for several consecutive months and feedback from customer service professionals were extremely positive.  The number of complaints from customer service dept to Marketing decreased dramatically.