Industry: Insurance

The Challenge

Our client, a large insurance provider, was experiencing excessive call volume from customers interested in canceling their policies, and service representatives did not have the tools or training to save them.  Customer satisfaction scores were at an all time low.

Goal: Increase save rates in the retention centers.

Our Solution

To set a baseline, Channels first did a thorough review of the current business model and customer experience to understand the root causes of the problems the business and representatives were experiencing.  Channels understood that this challenge required focus both on the vendor relationships and contract goals as well as the representative performance.  With the vendors, Channels established consistent goals, rules, and guidelines across all partnerships that would lead to consistent customer treatment, better resource management, and a reduction in overspend.  We also developed new metrics and guidelines to support consistent service execution, then realigned the contracts to support the streamlined goals of the business.  With the representatives, Channels conducted several training sessions to refocus them positively on their service roles, and to introduce them to new call approaches, tools, and scripts to improve save rates at the point of cancellation.


Retention scores increased almost 10% within the first three months of implementation.