Channels tailors its training and coaching to address the specific needs of your representatives, to fill the gaps in your current training, and to develop your distinctive brand voice.  We have a terrific track record improving service quality and driving priority business results.

Delivery of Conversations That Drive Performance

  • 60 years of cumulative experience in inbound/ outbound sales and service
  • Holistic marketing review and strategy development
  • Results-oriented program development
    • Sales: high conversion, low acquisition cost, high agent utilization
    • Retention: Life time value, usage, saves, cross-sell, satisfaction
  • Channel optimization for marketing performance
  • B2B and B2C

Representative Performance

  • Training and coaching for high-touch service experience
  • Core skill work: Call control, Listening, Empathy, Challenging Calls
  • Development in business acumen and knowledge
  • Quality measurement and monitoring

Live Dialogue Creation

  • Brand voice development
  • Customer insights integration
  • Advanced skill work: Building Rapport, Consultative Dialogues, Relevancy
  • Script drafting and implementation
  • Best customer program management

Representative Engagement

  • Planting seeds that drive organic momentum, engagement, and excitement
    • Experiential events and program development for new product launches, strategic shifts, brand engagement, organizational changes, etc.