Success!  Our event for the Blue Sky Preferred Credit Card from American Express

Posted on December 23, 2010 in Vendor Management

Channels recently created an exciting event for American Express that promoted a new card product to all Amex employees through an experiential internal communication campaign. Working with American Express is something at Channels that we really treasure…. No brown-nosing necessary here.  The products are new and innovative, the client teams are smart, hard-working, and willing to embrace new ideas, and the leadership teams celebrate new work across the company.  Teams are regularly invigorated with product launches and new service experiences that make the brand special.  People love working there, and we love working with them.

Our campaign was for the Blue Sky Preferred Credit Card, and it took place in the Amex cafeteria.  Our intentions with this event were basic:

We decided to focus our event on the feel of an airplane/airport since the perks of this card are focused on travel (double points for renting cars, restaurants, hotels; an airline allowance - for checking bags; no restrictions/blackout dates).  Our team orchestrated the details of the event across the board… with the client team, with the creative company who manufactured the hand-outs and give-aways, and with facilities to make the event happen.

So, away we went - Arrivals and Departures posters, posters lining both sides of the event as if you are walking down the middle of a plane.  See-through playing cards that looked just like the Blue Sky Preferred Card (which is a see-through card as well), mugs with a spoon attached and a pack of hot cocoa mix, re-usuable bags, luggage tags and raffle tickets for an iPad, Nano and gift cards.  Our invitations resembled boarding passes.  The piece that you tear off at the airport was the raffle ticket.  People loved them and several asked if they could keep theirs intact to hang at their cubes and fill out another.  Others asked for our info so we could make something for their next event (We have had one call already for some print work).

And, as always, this was a team effort - three Channels people came to work with six Amex people to make sure the event ran smoothly.  This is thankless work, unwrapping ceramic spoons, slipping them into the tiny holes on the side of the mug, putting the cocoa in, being cheery and on your feet, etc.  But all the attention to detail made the event feel special and memorable.

All in all it was a smash hit.  We had fun, the client was happy, the guests were happy and that is that!

  1. To create a buzz about the new product internally
  2. To educate the employees on Amex products
  3. To brag
  4. To strike a competitive spirit amongst other employees at Amex to set a new bar, and push their thinking on other product advances
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Matt Winsor on 04/12/12 at 01:58pm

Its great to hear about the success on your event for the Blue Sky Preferred Credit Card from American Express. It seemed that you are really satisfied with the services they offer. I think that this new card product would attract a lot of potential clients.

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