DiversityBusiness.com names Channels as “Top Business in America.”

Posted on February 9, 2011 in Channels News

Our team at the Direct Channels Groups is so pleased to have been selected as one of DiversityBusiness.com's 2011 Top Businesses in America.  The award is based on year over year growth in business and annual revenue.  It's a mark of our success that over a few short years, we have grown to the team we are, with clients that we love, and are adding revenue to our business.  

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Success!  Our event for the Blue Sky Preferred Credit Card from American Express

Posted on December 23, 2010 in Vendor Management

Channels recently created an exciting event for American Express that promoted a new card product to all Amex employees through an experiential internal communication campaign. Working with American Express is something at Channels that we really treasure…. No brown-nosing necessary here.  The products are new and innovative, the client teams are smart, hard-working, and willing to embrace new ideas, and the leadership teams celebrate new work across the company.  Teams are regularly invigorated with product launches and new service experiences that make the brand special.  People love working there, and we love working with them.

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The Power of Voice vs. New Media

Posted on December 23, 2010 in Customized Conversations

Web 2.0 has introduced many new ways to service and connect with customers, especially for businesses who have never marketed directly.  Click to Chat, Twitter, Facebook, and email, among others, have emerged as channels that provide cost effective two-way dialoging that is efficient and responsive to a customer’s questions.  They also provide faces and names to customers who were initially spoken to broadly only as segments.  As these channels start to become more mainstream service options, we have to ask how the role of phone/ voice-to-voice servicing has evolved?  Where do we think telephone servicing will progress?  And are these new media channels as powerful as voice in building loyalty and delivering memorable customer experiences?

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