Within Channels and the Channels Virtual Bench, we have assembled a team of seasoned experts who have a diverse set of talents across many disciplines including education, design, business, sales, technology, marketing, and writing. We believe strong, unique voices with different points of view strengthen our conversations—-with our clients, with employees, with customers—and create unique, memorable customer experiences.

The Virtual Bench

True experts add value quickly with a minimal learning curve. When our clients are looking for outside support, they need people who are capable of jumping in quickly and adding value, who can deliver results and develop true solutions, and who are affordable and within budget. Far too often, larger firms staff projects based on who is available rather than who is the right person for the job. Channels has created our “Virtual Bench”, professionals who are leveraged for project work specific to their vertical expertises. The Channels Virtual Bench is comprised of experts in call center operations, training and facilitation, marketing strategy, and brand and customer experience.

Our Featured Benchers

Dan Chan

Dan brings over a decade of business-to-business and direct-to-consumer marketing experience to the Channels team.  Prior to joining Channels, Dan spent 14 fourteen years at American Express in a variety of marketing functions including rewards marketing, loyalty programming, product development, and sales.  While at OPEN, the small business division at American Express, Dan launched both the tradeshow acquisition channel as well as several consultative outbound programs targeting high potential customers to drive loyalty and spend.  Additionally, he launched the Premier Rewards Gold Card, a premium charge card for the affluent consumer segment.

Before joining American Express, Dan worked at Coopers & Lybrand where he was a Senior Auditor specializing in telecommunications and non-profit industries.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Binghamton University and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.  He lives in NJ with his wife and two children.  In his spare time, he loves to play with his McPherson guitar and his two kids (in that order).

Launching click-to-call/ inbound capabilities at vendor.  Developing online community to share best practices/ refer products.

Jenny Griffin

Jenny brings over a decade of direct marketing expertise to the Channels team.  Since starting at Channels in 2009, Jenny has worked on a variety of client projects covering customer experience, brand messaging, call center programming, and communications development.  Jenny came to Channels from Kraft Foods, where she was the Senior Brand Manager for Gevalia Kaffe, managing Gevalia.com and the Gevalia catalog.  Before Kraft, Jenny held several positions at American Express in acquisition, retention, customer experience, and strategic partnerships. As a Director of Brand and Customer Experience, Jenny launched a customer training program across the global servicing network to teach customer service representatives how best to serve small businesses.  The program introduced a new educational format that was groundbreaking and produced immediate, measurable results in customer satisfaction and card usage.  Additionally, she managed several tour and travel partnerships for American Express, including Expedia and Hotels.com, and she was the product manager for the Costco Co-Brand Card for Small Business.

Jenny holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, an MES from Yale University, and a BA in Government and Economics from Bowdoin College.  She loves tasting good wine, watching crime thrillers, and chasing her toddler around New York City.

Creative development, training, and database preparation for financial product launch.  Social media for Channels.

T.J. Johnston

T.J. has been with Channels since October, 2008, as the Vice President of Strategic Operations and Execution.  T.J. brings over fourteen years of experience in managing marketing campaigns to the Channels team, particularly managing inbound and outbound telemarketing programs.

With over ten years experience on the client side as a Vice President of Operations at Paradigm Direct/Mosaic and One Touch Direct, T.J. brings the unique ability to see both sides of a program to create a win/win for the call center and program owner, therefore creating long-standing success.  Starting as a sales agent and moving up the ladder within the call center environment,  T.J. has a full understanding of the call center inner workings, including dialer and lead management, dialing strategies, agent training and motivation, as well as floor supervision.

T.J. holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Bryant University in Smithfield, RI.  He lives in NJ with his wife and two children and is an athlete and avid sports fan, still playing softball on the weekends.

Partnering with call center to launch multiple product sales programs, customer acquisition, and membership enrollment.